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PAL’s Pals 2021

Online Show May 1 to May 31, 2021

We are proud of our talented youth and believe that their creative talents need to be recognized and showcased on a platform such as ours. 

Pleasanton Art League (PAL) is proud to present this unique art show titled “PAL’s Pals” to encourage the budding artists in our communities. They represent our future and lift the spirit of art in our community.

What is a Prospectus? Galleries, museums, and other art venues prepare a prospectus to communicate the key information about an upcoming show to artists, including specific guidelines your art must satisfy and directions on how, when, and where to submit your work. Read and follow the directions carefully. Many professional adult artists miss fantastic opportunities because they did not carefully read the prospectus.

Eligibility: This show is open to students/youth of Middle School and High School. Source material and layout of all 2-Dimensional artwork (Photography not included) must be wholly original and completed between January 2020 and present. We will be capping the event at 200 applicants.

Number of Entries: Students can enter only one piece of work.

Entry Fee: $10 for entry, payable by PayPal.

Judging & Awards: All pieces of artwork will be judged by artists in the Pleasanton Art League.